How to remove Graphite stains


*Not for use on acetate blends, rubber, suede, leather, velvet, etc. If acetate linings are present, place a barrier between fabric and liner. See product label for complete instructions.

K2r Stain Remover
Graphite stains

Graphite stains are seldom easy to wash away, but that doesn’t mean they wont come out. To get out a tough graphite stain before it ruins your favorite article of clothing try K2r and do the following…

To remove Graphite stains from clothing, furniture and carpets do the following:


  1. Quickly clean the stain area as soon as possible.
  2. Remove any excess stain material if possible by scraping if dry, or blotting if wet. Do not rub!
  3. Make sure that the cloth or material you are treating is listed on the preceding page.
  4. Spray the graphite stained area with K2r Spotlifter and allow to dry to a white powder then brush away using the built in brush or a fabric brush for clothes. For carpet stains brush in several different directions rather than swirl the brush.
  5. If traces of the stain remain simply repeat the process
  6. For washable clothing simply launder as usual after brushing

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