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Since 1963

“I became familiar with K2r a ton of years ago. Gets all stains out that are grease related even after the garment was washed. Even useable on silk and leaves no rings!”

– Pamela L.

K2r Spotlifter

Save on Dry-Cleaning Bills!


Use on dry-clean only, wool, cotton and cotton blends as well as synthetics and other washable fabrics, carpets and upholstered furniture.


To use simply spray the stain and allow K2r to dry to a white powder then brush away using the built-in brush. If the fabrics are washable then simply launder as normal after brushing. Repeat on stubborn stains.


K2r also works on flannel, linen, microfiber, nylon, polar fleece, polyester, rayon, and silk. Outdoors it works on stone like marble and granite, wood, canvas and vinyl as well!


Payment is via PayPal or Credit Card (Visa, MC, AMEX, Discover) See our refund policy here


*Not for use on acetate blends, rubber, suede, leather, velvet, etc. If acetate linings are present, place a barrier between fabric and liner. See product label for complete instructions.

2 x 5oz cans $15.99 + $7.75 shipping

K2r Stainstopper

Protect Fabrics from Dirt, Spills and Stains!


Use on carpets, area rugs, furniture (indoor and outdoor!), cloth car and camper interiors, children’s car seat liners, pillows, table cloths, shoes and more!


Now you can stop stains even before they happen, To use first thoroughly clean surface of item to be treated, once dry Spray StainStopper in a well-ventilated area. Allow to dry. Most spills will bead up upon contact. Simply blot away.


Works great on cloth car, RV and boat interiors as well as kids car seats where spills are more likely to happen. Don’t forget to try it on natural fiber outdoor rugs, throw pillows, aprons, slipcovers, baseball caps, makeup bags, dog beds, backpacks, awnings and umbrellas, sneakers, and even car floor mats!


Payment is via PayPal or Credit Card (Visa, MC, AMEX, Discover) See our refund policy here

2 x 12oz cans $18.99 + $7.75 shipping

K2r Staticstopper

Fight Static, Leave Behind a Great Fresh Scent!


Use on clothing, socks and stockings, carpets, hairbrushes and upholstery.


K2r Static Stopper is formulated to instantly eliminate static electricity and prevent static buildup. To prevent static buildup, simply spray K2r Static Stopper on clothing, upholstery, carpets and more.


If your getting static buildup when you get in and out of your car simply spray on cloth car interiors and auto carpets, you can also spray it on the inside of clothes. Works great on static prone materials like wool, fleece, flannel, microfiber and silk.


Payment is via PayPal or Credit Card (Visa, MC, AMEX, Discover) See our refund policy here

2 x 7oz cans $16.99 + $7.75 shipping

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