Saves on Dry-Cleaning Bills!

Effective on:
Dry-clean, Man-made and Washable Fabrics
Household/Office Upholstery

The original and still the best, K2r Original is highly effective in removing oil and grease from dry-clean only fabrics (including polyester, acrylic, nylon, wool blends-regular and knits), washable fabrics, carpets and household and office upholstery (including sofas, recliners, chairs, etc.).

Easy To Use: Simply spray the stain. Allow to dry to a white powder. Brush away using the built-in brush. Launder washable fabrics as normal after brushing. Repeat on stubborn stains. K2r leaves no ring and the stain is gone!

MSDS Sheet

*Not for use on acetate blends, rubber, suede, leather, velvet, etc. If acetate linings are present, place a barrier between fabric and liner. See product label for complete instructions.

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